Custody battles suck.

The stress, time, and money spent are unnerving, and unnecessary. Antiquated notions of family are codified into law and administered by profiteering court system that costs us $50 billion every year. We need change.
a mother hugging and kissing her teenage daughter in the grassa father and teenage son in tank top and shorts on a balcony with plants surrounding them.a mother hugging face to face with her baby son.a father playing with his toddler daughter in a playroom with crib.a mother on a green couch hugging and laughing with her toddler daughtera teenage daughter peeking over her mother's shoulder while in the kitchen baking cookies.

The law needs an overhaul.

Custody laws needs to reflect our 21st century notions of equality and the massive mountain of scientific research indicating that equal parenting time is best for children. We need the law to presume that parenting time should be an equal 50-50 split, unless one parent is unfit or unwilling.


The constitutionality of state statutes is one avenue of attack and reform. A federal class action is another. Our goal is to build coalitions, share legal arguments, and leave a new legacy for our children: equal parenting.


We are growing a network of advocates to protect the fundamental right of parents under the Constitution. If you are reading this, we want to enlist your support.


Whether you have a case pending presently or suffered previously, for our children and our children’s children, the burden is on us to challenge laws that don’t keep pace with equality.
a mother and toddler daughter doing yoga on their living room floor.a father and middle school aged daughter cooking food in the kitchen.a newborn baby wrapped in blanket sleeping on father's chest.a father and toddler daughter dancing in a grassy field. mother with baby and toddler on her lap showing them tablet screen.a mother laying on the couch with her sleeping daughter on her chest.a mother pushing her toddler daughter on a swing in the park.

We Need Change.

Countless studies have concluded that equal time with both parents is in the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, the laws make it essentially impossible to procure 50-50 [percent] custody. We are exploring opening a class action lawsuit and would love to hear your story.
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